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In these pages you can find information about the staff, subjects, news, study results and other information. Department of regional and business economics is one of the six departments at the Faculty of regional development and international studies Mendel University in Brno. Head of the department is prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Grega.


Educational and scientific work in agricultural business economics and agricultural economics has developed at the university since its inception in 1919. An independent Department of agricultural economics was set up in 1934. Its first head became Prof. Dr. Ing. František Lom, Dr. Sc. Educational activities of the department in this period included particular lessons from agricultural economics, organization and management of the enterprise, accounting and agricultural statistics. In the field of scientific research the department closely cooperated with Agricultural institute of accounting and management in Brno where prof. Lom worked too.
Forced closure of Czech universities by the German fascists on November 17, 1939 led to the breaking off the department activity. After the resumption of the school in May 1945, prof. Lom had continued working as a head of the department till 1955, when he left to The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague. The management of department had been taken over by the prof. Dr. Ing. Alois Grolig, DrSc.
After the founding of Faculty of Economics and Management in 1959, and in parallel to its development, particular departments were gradually separated from the Department of agricultural economics and they were were established as independent departments focused on the statistics and law, accounting, organization and management in agricultural enterprises, and business economics. The Department of agricultural economics then remained focused on the national economic issues of agri-food sector, external trade in agri-food commodities and global agriculture. Until 1980 it was still conducted by prof. Grolig. Then from 1980 to 1990 by Doc. JUDr. Ing. Oldřich Tvrdoň, CSc.
The Department of Business Administration was set up in 1974. From 1974-1990 the head of this department was Prof. Ing. Karel Vinohradský, CSc. Educational activities of this department included training in agricultural business economics, analysis of business economy and lectures in the economics of plant and livestock production. The research programme was aimed at causal variabilities of the economic level of enterprises in agricultural sector and the economic benefits of technical-technological innovation in agricultural production.
In 1989/90 there were two departments at the Faculty of Economics and Management working in the field of applied economics: Department of agriculture economics and Department of business economics. These departments were merged from 1. 9. 1997 and called as Department of business economics. The department had been led by the professor Vinohradský from 1990 to 1997. From 1. 2. 1997 it is managed by prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Grega.
The Department of business economics has significantly contributed to the changes, innovation and diversification of the Faculty of Economics and Management after 1989. Among the most important contributions is the implementation of Micro economy into the syllabus and extending of the education with the management economics, financial management in the enterprise and optional subjects focusing on economic issues of small businesses, non-profit organizations and business consulting. Newly conceived is a training programme with the subjects concerned on agricultural economics, politics and agribusiness. Among changes mentioned above can be, considering its performance, importance and benefits, undoubtedly incorporated the education in English in all subjects included in the fields of study of International Studies.
After 2000 the department devotes significant part of its activities to the economic issues of regional development, including the links between agriculture and rural development, as well as the non-production functions of agriculture in the regional context. In the educational programme have been introduced subjects as Regional, agricultural and environmental policy in the EU and the Environmental economics and politics. This scope of activities has led the department to participate intensely in the founding of new Faculty of regional development and international studies (FRRMS).
From 1. 9. 2008, a day when FRRMS started to operate, the Department of business economics was transferred to this faculty and renamed as the Department of regional and business economics. Head of the department continues to be prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Grega. All staff from the former Department of business economics is employed here, and to the Department of regional and business economics was also transferred the whole educational and research programme.